Land of the Clouds

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

It has been 20 days since I said Tschüs! to Berlin. I am slowly settled back into my new life in the Great Southern Land, with a new studio + plenty of sunshine and lots of familiar faces :) The web shop is now open again, we have standardized all International shipping to €10, and National postage to €6. Shipping time for orders outside Australia is 3 – 10 working days, depending on your location. Please get in touch if you have an urgent order, I am always happy to meet your schedule if I can. Below is a process shot of the silver baby cloud pendant… made of solid sterling silver. Coming to the web shop soon. x


Update: Silver Cloud Pendant, now in webshop!!

One Response to “Land of the Clouds”

  1. Lina says:

    Oh my! I absolutely LOVE it!