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Berlin showroom: now open!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Our concept studio / showroom We Are All Made of Stuff opened earlier this month. The space was designed and created over the past 4 weeks by myself, Guy, and Christoph Hager of Berlin Süd. There were many discussions, even arguments, between the three of us; punctuated by numerous cups of tea and expressions of agreement. It was a rewarding experience and I am very proud of the final result. Here are some pictures taken by the talented photographer Claudia Frickemeier.




The thread curtain which loosely divides the room suspends adjustable platforms. This creates a separation of space; a place to display the jewellery: for visitors, and a place to work: for us. The division is quite tangible as visitors do not feel like they are intruding on our work space. The curtain is very light and delicate, it is also possible to  pass through it at many points, or even remove the platforms and tie back the curtain, to open the space for parties and events.

Here is a list of designers we show:

From Australia, Guy Keulemans, Make Believe, Anneliese Hauptstein + myself.
Berlin designers: Susanne Schmitt, Klein Corpse, A&Re and Puncture.

We are open for the next few months, please come visit us if you’re in Berlin this summer. We Are All Made of Stuff is located on Friedelstrasse 11, in the Reuterkiz district, Neukolln, Berlin.