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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010


I received my copy of CUT Magazine today. Woo hoo! Now I just need to have the article translated from German to English… I think the subtitle translates to something like “earning bread by sucking sugar…!” haha, I’m sure there’s a better translation.


We have been very busy indeed, Guy and I are opening a shop / studio on Friedelstrasse in Kreuzkölln over the coming summer called “We Are All Made of Stuff”.  It will be a showroom for our own work, as well as a platform to display works of our talented friends from around the globe.


There’s still much work to be done, but it’s slowly coming together. I will need to do something about the graffiti on the facade… but this is very “Berlin” and I don’t think there are many houses along the street that isn’t covered in it. Suppose it adds character? Anyhow, never mind the graffiti, I am terribly excited about having a window display! For the moment, I have put together an impromptu pieces of old furniture and timber I found on the streets, but I want to design something much prettier soon. More photos soon.


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  1. Ele says:

    Congratulation!!! :)

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