So, does size matter?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010



A ring for Ursula: hand cut + dyed acrylic with sterling silver rivets.



+ a baby Toby pendant. Oxidised sterling silver with hand-dyed sponge balls. I made a similar piece some weeks ago, but in brass, and the size was much bigger. About 3 times. I wore it out a few times and got tonnes of positive comments from Aussie and American friends, but not much from the Germans. I thought it was peculiar. Some time later, Susanne, a Berlin based jeweller proposed that I should make my pieces smaller, that this would make them more attractive. I thought about it for a while. It is true, you don’t see many Germans fashioning so called “statement jewellery”. In fact, the fashion here in general is very unpretentious and what I would call “minimalistic grit”. When I went to see a talk by Scott Schumann, fashion blogger from NY “the Satorialist”, he suggested this may be in part due to the fact that Germans, and Northern Europeans in general are so naturally beautiful they deliberately down-play their fashion?!?!

I’m not sure if I agree, but nonetheless, it’s a fascinating thought. For me, I have certainly noticed that different pieces from my own collections are popular in different countries. Small pieces tend to be more popular here, whereas back home in Australia and UK, bigger, bolder pieces are more sought after. Is it just to do with practicality? Or is there something more ingrained within each society, like religion, politics and cultural tendencies?

2 Responses to “So, does size matter?”

  1. Trisha says:

    I LOVE the new triangular piece. Works really well with the dark chain.

  2. Lady Thirty says:

    love your things!
    you´re so talented!