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Friday, March 19th, 2010


One very nice thing about being a self-employed designer is that you have time to sit down with a cup of coffee, away from all the usual distractions and really reflect. Here are some of my recent concerns: feeling stagnant, too familiar and predictable, overwhelming urge to break out of a shell I have created for myself.

So this time, I decided to make something quite new, a different approach. Without short-cuts, without being bound by technical problems and really thinking about how it can be constructed so it’s visually resolved. Each brass component was hand-cut from a sheet metal then formed > soldered > polished > riveted. The thickness I wanted for the design was 6mm, and I only had 3mm acrylic, so I had to cut all the acrylic components twice to double the thickness. I hand dyed the green acrylic and the sponge ball. The whole piece took me almost 2 days to complete it… was it worth it? I think so. I think I definitely learned something about the beauty of things that are carefully considered and constructed. No short-cuts, no magic wand. Just sheer determination, dedication and patience. I will subject it to the usual “2 week test” to see how I feel later. I don’t think it’s perfect yet, but I think there’s definitely potential for further development :)


One a very different note, Guy and I are opening a pop-up store here in Berlin! We are moving into the shop-front apartment in north Neukolln from the 1st of April, and will be decorating the space into shop / workspace, hopefully with the help of some architect friends. I am so incredibly excited! We are planning for an official opening for sometime in end of April. I will post some pictures + more information about the shop soon.

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  1. bill says:

    wow thats pretty neat!