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New Collection – OUT SOON!!!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Shadow of Lula is the 4th jewellery collection by designer Kyoko Hashimoto. The series of limited edition pendants is a tribute to the past lives of insects.
Although almost imperceptible, the insects that live around us are vital to the survival of the planet. They are an integral part of the ecosystem, pollinating plants, decomposing organic matter and aerating the soil. Often overlooked for their miniature scale, insects are under great threat. Agricultural development, pesticides, the introduction of foreign species, monoculture farming and forestry has already led to the extinction of many species.

Inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery, Kyoko has produced tributes to these fallen insects. The series consists of large pendants hung from a unique combination of powder coated stainless steel and leather strap. The pendants are intricately cut and depict the silhouette of an extinct insect species. The subtle layers of beauty and death become capsules of memory for the tiny lives that no longer inhabit the earth.
Each pendant is produced in a limited edition of 30, individually numbered.

“So important are insects and other land dwelling arthropods, that if all were to disappear, humanity probably could not last more than a few months”
E.O. Wilson, Harvard University