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In love with Amsterdam

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Just came back from a weekend in Amsterdam, and wow… what a city! We had brought our bicycles with us from Eindhoven, and even with the 6 Euro extra train fee, it was far better than relying on public transport or getting around on foot. One of the main reasons for my visit was to stock up my jewellery supplies at Drijfhout. As predicted, I spent waaay too much money at the store, and when I was hit with the 20% tax on top of everything, I honestly felt like fainting. But it’s business expense so it’s OK, right? I also managed to visit Gallery Ra A must for jewellery lovers.

A new necklace I made the other day. Prototyping this piece by hand was a challenge to say the least. I really want to see how this design translates in silver though. If I convince myself to go through the labor again, I’ll post the image.

From the Netherlands

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

I’ve been working solidly on prototyping my new collection, and I thought it’s about time to share with you an image from the new range! Here is a pendant, inspired by art deco forms and Tamagocchi. Acrylic, brass, sterling silver.