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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

I noticed a jump in the number of visitors coming to my blog. Naturally, I wanted to see where these visitors were coming from, and found a number of blogs and other websites which featured my work. Thanks to everyone for finding me! Here is a blog by La Melancolie du Cameleon, which I love. And Bits and Bobbins, Gordon and Jag and Nebo Peklo. Then there is Lets Talk About Fashion. It was all in Swedish so I used a machine translation website to translate it into English, and found out that they think that I’m a boy! But regardless of some mix-up gender issues, thank you to everyone who took time to blog!
I took some new pictures of Dolly Pendants today. I take all the pictures of my jewellery myself. Images are so important these days, and I wan’t quite satisfied with my previous attempts. But I think these ones convey the reality of the pieces pretty well.

My recent exhibitions

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

I have been keeping myself very busy recently with a number of exhibition, and shop openings. There was Sieraad 2006 in Amsterdam, the opening of CANDY, a boutque in Shinjuku- my first Tokyo stockist (yay!), and last night I exhibited my work in a small gallery in Urayasu. Here is a picture from Sieraad 2006 in Amsterdam.